Film Festivals & Screening

City As Canvas: Above the Free Walls   (Director/Producer
  • This  documentary film Above the Free Walls is a 2018-2019 Cambridge Arts grant recipient. 
Film Festivals  
  • Apr 2021   World Cine Fest                                                             (Portugal)
  • Jan 2021   Standalone Film Festival & Awards                            (CA, US)
  • Jan 2020   World Premiere Film Awards   (Winner)                    (LA, US) 
  • Dec 2020   Luleå International Film Festival  (Finalist)                (Sweden)
  • Dec 2020   Amsterdam World International Film Festival         (Amsterdam)
  • Nov 2020  The Shawna Shea Memorial Film Festival                (Uxbridge, US)             
  • Sep 2020   The Massachusetts Independent Film Festival       (Boston, US)     
                        - Nominated Best New England Film
  • Aug 2020   The Lift-Off Sessions                                                   (UK))   
  • Aug 2020   2021 PBS Guam/GIFF Select Showcase                   (Guam, US)  
  • Cambridge Public Library
  • Cambridge Community Television,
  • NuVu Studio.
Grolier Poetry Book Shop: The last sacred place of poetry (Director/Producer)

Full-length documentary featuring the Grolier Poetry Bookshop in Cambridge, MA. The Grolier is the oldest poetry bookshop in the U.S. It has been run continuously for over 90 years.  The documentary is the result of two years of research and filming. It unpacks the Grolier’s rich history and current transformation. 

Film Festivals  
  • Dec 2020     Standalone Film Festival & Awards          (CA, US)
  • Mar 2019    The Lift-Off Sessions Film Festival           (U K)
  • Dec 2018     Benton Park Film Festival (Finalist)          (St. Louis,US)
  • Jul 2018      The Massachusetts Independent Film Festival              (Boston, US)
  • Jun 2018     North Beach American Film Festival        (Maryland, US)
  • Jan 2018     World Premiere Film Award                        (Canada)
  • Nov 2018    Kill Jim international film festival              (Italy)
  • Nov 2017    AltFF Alternative Film Festiva (Finalist)    (Toronto, Canada)
  • Nov 2017    Largo Film Awards                                       (Switzerland)
  • Oct 2017     Red Corner film Festival                              (New York, US)
  • Oct 2017     Los Angeles CineFest (Semi-Finalist)       (Los Angeles, US)
  • Sep 2017    Barcelona Planet Film Festival                    (Barcelona)

Northeastern University Alumni Center ,Cambridge Public Library ,  Regent Theatre, Cambridge Community Television, Endicott TV , Somerville Community Television, Suffolk University.

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